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24 April 2012 @ 04:10 am
So I uh, dreamed this last night.  
There is a man running down the street. He is tall and broad and dressed in a soldiers uniform. I know him only as Soldier. I am watching, but I am not corporeal. I am watching from an outward source. Like a television show, or a God looking at the world.

Soldier is chasing a man. The man is tall too but he is angular and thin, the Thin Man is ragged and his eyes are very dark and very round and set very deep in his head. When the Thin Man breathes all you see inside his mouth is blackness darker than dark. As if it eats the light.  His face is eerily impassive, but Soldier is angry. Thin Man is a killer, I know this somehow, He has killed a lot of young girls. Virgins. He has killed someone close to Soldier, and Soldier is going to kill the Thin Man if he can catch him.

The Thin Man is running across an old college campus. Even though I am dreaming I think Miskatonic in a joking voice. The Thin Man runs up a spiral stair case into a bell tower. The bell is made of a strange sort of blue metal, which doesn’t have much to do with anything, I suppose. The Thin Man seems never to tire, and he out runs the Soldier, but the Soldier is okay with that. The only way down is to jump, and either way the Thin Man is going to die.

The Thin Man waits for the soldier looking down as if he might jump, except his face is still impassive.

Then the Soldier comes in and he rams the Thin Man up against the wall with his forearm on his throat. Words are said but I can’t hear them, they’re too slow and muffled, like I hear them through molasses. They bubble.

The Thin Man laughs and I do hear that. It sounds metallic, and somehow like fire, and it is loud and harsh and breaking. Thin Man’s face and eyes remain impassive, but there is too much energy in his laugh. And then his mouth opens, and opens, and opens. It opens much wider than it shoulder, his chin reaching for his chest, and the blackness inside seems to shift somehow.

Then the Thin Man shifts too, like a flicker or a tremor in the air, his head jerks. And then they skip across the room, and Thin Man is holding the Soldier against the wall. At first, from my removed first person view, I think the Thin Man is holding the Soldier by his throat with his hand. But he can’t be, the Soldier’s feet are above his head, his arms are long but not that long. Nothing is holding the choking, scrabbling Soldier against the wall.

The Thin Man’s laugh keeps echoing but his mouth is not moving. It is gaping open, impossibly wide and impossibly long, his chin is on his chest. Something in the darkness has become a shape. It is unmistakable, but not corporeal. It has too many limbs, it is angular and spider like but somehow humanoid. It’s eyes are very, very round and not moving. Like perfectly round dolls eyes.  There are a lot of them.

As the Blackness crawls out of Thin Man, his head jerks and the hair falls out of Thin Man’s eyes. There is a small inverted cross carved into his forehead. And then that part of his forehead is not there any more.

It is blasted away by a shining bullet that imbeds itself into the wall below Soldier’s feet. Thin Man collapses, and The Dark simply disappears. The bell clangs once as Soldier falls to the ground with a thump. He gets up quickly and prepares to fight the person who shot Thin Man.

A Girl… a Hunter enters in a long black duster with a strange clockwork gun in her hand. Her frown is sharp, and her eyes are sharper. She crosses the room and slides two of her long, pale fingers and her thumb through Thin Man’s blood like skimming the surface of water.

She presses her bloody fingers to her eyelids, and her thumb to her forehead. She has a small red cross, the proper way round, on her forehead. Before Soldier can protest she does the same to him, and then says “Come with Me”, and leaves the room.